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manufacturing client showcase

The Client:

A Kansas City-based manufacturing company with 85 employees


The Situation:

The company’s production manager of more than 20 years quit unexpectedly, giving little notice. A lot of knowledge walked out the door, leaving a big gap in the company’s day-to-day operations.
The business owner needed to fill the position quickly – but he also needed to fill it wisely. Unfortunately, there was no documented job description, so he was starting from scratch.


The HR-Rethought Solution:

The business owner had been meaning to seek out expert HR help but making the call never seemed to make it to the top of his long to-do list. Instead of turning to a staffing firm as he had in the past, the production manager’s sudden exit prompted the business owner to reach out to HR-Rethought.

HR-Rethought’s experts got right to work, creating a detailed job description outlining the specialized skills needed and the desired qualifications. They also benchmarked competitive salaries to determine the appropriate pay range. In addition to getting the job posted immediately, HR-Rethought hit the ground running by reaching out to industry contacts to identify potential candidates.

Next, HR-Rethought helped the business owner screen the applicants, setting up interviews with the strongest candidates to make the best use of the owner’s time. The HR-Rethought expert collaborated on crafting effective questions and sat in on the interviews to help the business decision makers get the most out of each conversation. Once a candidate was selected, the HR-Rethought expert made the offer and negotiated the final details.
Finally, HR-Rethought assisted with the onboarding, creating a schedule for introductory meetings and a detailed position-specific training guide to help the candidate get up to speed quickly.


The Outcome:

HR-Rethought’s high-touch, in-person approach helped get the production manager position filled in about half the time it took the manufacturing company to fill past manager-level positions. Plus, it cost 40 percent less than what a third-party staffing firm would charge.

The manufacturing company is now an ongoing client, with HR-Rethought providing tailored onsite HR support for full-cycle recruiting, employee relations, and benefits enrollment. The business owner taps into the exact HR services he needs on an hourly basis and feels confident he’s ready if another key employee leaves unexpectedly.


tech client showcase

The Client:

A fast-growing technology firm with 25 employees


The Situation:

The Chief Operating Officer was doubling as the HR leader as the company continued to grow quickly. The developer positions were demanding, and it became clear that a member of the team was significantly underperforming.

However, the COO was unsure about how to handle the situation because there wasn’t a process in place to manage performance issues. To make it more challenging, the low-performing employee was a relative of one of the company’s leaders.


The HR-Rethought Solution:

After getting all the details, the HR-Rethought expert outlined a process that would enable the company to address the situation while also being fair to the employee. The first step was to assess the role’s responsibilities and document the expected performance. She worked with the COO on how to approach the employee, coaching her on what to say, and role-playing different potential scenarios.

HR-Rethought developed a 30-day performance improvement plan, with input and approval from the COO. Then, the HR-Rethought expert communicated the plan to the employee as a neutral party. Over the next 30 days, the HR-Rethought expert met with the employee regularly, documenting the performance. At the end of the time, the employee hadn’t made the necessary improvements, and his employment was terminated.


The Outcome:

HR-Rethought helped the company resolve the issue fairly and establish a formal performance management process that the business – and its employees – needed. As a result, HR-Rethought also documented the company’s policies and procedures in a new employee handbook and is helping to assess and refine the workplace culture as the company continues to grow.


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